In everyday life we’re all keen to wear the latest gear, but when it comes to being seen in order to prevent injury, people seem to put less importance on the matter! High visibility personal protection equipment (PPE) is essential in many circumstances and we therefore hold stocks of high visibility clothing in our branches, the wearing of which will ensure you are seen and consequently safer. Follow this link to the HSE website for more information on regulations regarding PPE and working with vehicles: http://www.hse.gov.uk/campaigns/workplacetransport/jacket.pdf

Here is some general advice from the HSE website:

If a construction site has a high-visibility policy then you must follow it. Your employer will provide the equipment and you do not have to pay for it (so long as you look after it and make it last a reasonable time).”

Hi-vis clothing should be worn in all construction locations where vehicles or plant are operating. This also includes drivers delivering to construction sites when outside their vehicles. For routine site use it is often sufficient for a tabard (sleeveless top or vest) to be worn.

Some construction operations – for example those involving highway traffic management workers – need a higher standard of hi-vis. Vehicles on the public roads are moving at far greater speeds than general construction traffic and the risk of injury is therefore much higher!  In order for drivers to see these hazards from much further away and to give them the necessary time to react, health and safety hi-vis requirements are for long sleeved jacket and hi-vis trousers.”