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The easiest and most efficient method of removing turf before leveling and returfing is to use one of our petrol engined turfcutters.

We operate both medium duty and heavy duty machines. Please enquire at your nearest branch for  advice as to the most suitable machine for your turf removal requirements.

Medium duty Turf Cutters

Suitable for single runs e.g turf removal before pipework excavation and for complete landscaping returfing jobs our  medium duty Turf Cutters are  highly effective self-propelled machines that will cut strips of turf cleanly, quickly and effortlessly. They are the ideal aids for gardeners and contractors looking to landscape the smaller  already turfed area.

  • Our medium duty turf cutters feature a chain drive drive system from the gearbox which provides an extremely positive drive to the rear wheels ensuring that even in difficult ground conditions the  turf cutter will keep driving forward.
  • The required cutting depth is easily achieved with the height adjustment on the front of the turf cutter and can be altered from 10mm to 35mm.
  • The hardened steel cutting blade can be reversed providing double the life.
  • Fitted with a reliable centrifugal clutch which, through a permanently tensioned belt, provides drive to the blade.
  • Vibration is kept to a minimum thanks to a unique anti-vibration mount on the handlebars.

Heavy duty Turf Cutters

Our heavy duty machines are designed for landscapers & contractors but also have the cut quality to work in fine sports turf as well. Suitable for the larger areas of turf, very large gardens and playing fields etc.

  • The large diameter (300mm) solid rubber grip wheels give excellent traction in all conditions
  • Cutting blade widths from 30cm to 45cm
  • Cutting depth to 7cm.
  • Well balanced and very smooth to operate with caster tail wheels for cutting tight curves or locked for straight cutting.
  • Compact and portable this machine is also safe and easy to operate
  • Low operator handle vibration levels
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Hire Pricing: Turf Cutters

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Turf cutter - medium duty£57.82£77.00£112.00£140.00£92.40
Turf cutter - heavy duty£103.25£137.50£200.00£250.00£165.00
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