Stillson Pipe Wrenches Hire

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We stock a range of  heavy-duty Stillson pipe wrenches in 18″, 24″,  36″  & 48″ sizes for general purpose use. These wrenches are  extensively used in heavy industry, particularly in the oil and gas fields and in civil engineering.




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Hire Pricing: Stillson Pipe Wrenches

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Stillsons 18" pipe wrench£10.00£10.00£14.40£18.00£11.88
Stillsons 24" pipe wrench£10.00£11.00£15.50£20.00£13.25
Stillsons 36" pipe wrench£10.00£12.10£17.60£22.00£14.52
Stillsons 48" pipe wrench£10.00£13.20£19.20£24.00£15.84
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.