Stairwell Towers Hire

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Make those stair jobs easier with our sturdy and convenient stairwell towers.  With a platform height from 1m to 6m, there is  a perfect size for your job. Can also be used on stairs. Internal use only.

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Hire Pricing: Stairwell Towers

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Platform height 1.0m - 2.0m1 day minimum£36.85£53.60£67.00£44.22
Platform height 1.5m - 2.5m1 day minimum£45.10£65.60£82.00£54.12
Platform height 2.0m - 2.5m1 day minimum£53.35£77.60£97.00£64.02
Platform height 2.5m - 3.5m1 day minimum£67.60£89.60£112.00£73.92
Platform height 3.0m - 4.0m1 day minimum£69.85£101.60£127.00£83.82
Platform height 3.5m - 4.5m1 day minimum£78.10£113.60£142.00£93.72
Platform height 4.0m - 5.0m1 day minimum£86.35£125.60£157.00£103.62
Platform height 4.5m - 5.5m1 day minimum£94.60£137.60£172.00£113.52
Platform height 5.0m - 6.0m1 day minimum£94.60£137.60£187.00£113.52
Tower base plates - each1 day minimum£3.50£3.50£3.50£3.50
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.