Stair Climbing Trolley Hire

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For moving awkward and or difficult loads up steps or stairs, these stair climbing sack trucks are just ideal. The outer wheel revolves on a centre axle allowing the smaller wheels around the outside to roll on to progressive stair risers thereby helping to ensure a smoother ride for the load.

Please note the safe working load when used on stairs is ONLY 50kg.  This is because the effort required to pull the truck up, or more importantly to hold it on the way down, is too great for one person to handle safely. We therefore recommend in this situation that two people are always involved. The carrying capacity on level surfaces is far greater.

  • Manufacture: tubular mild steel welded framework.
  • Height:1065mm
  • Width: 545mm
  • Shoe width: 320mm
  • Shoe length: 470mm
  • Weight:13kg
  • Max weight capacity: 100kg (level surfaces only)
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