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Welfare units provide a means of incorporating a number of required site facilities within one self contained portable structure.

We  offer clients a choice of varying size units with a range of options and layouts to suit particular site requirements.  All units provide instant start stand alone welfare accommodation which is fully HSE compliant.

With a welfare unit in place sites can be up and running extremely quickly and this factor has enabled these units to be widely used on a more general basis throughout the construction industry and beyond.

Wherever possible we supply LPG powered units as an alternative to diesel for lower emissions.

Transport to site is via a hiab equipped vehicle with trailer unit. Sufficient access and site space should be made available for the welfare unit to be unloaded and positioned as required.

For more information and to discuss specifications required- please contact your local branch.


Specifications  available:


Size       Model        Generator     Solar    Office    Canteen     Drying Room    Toilet      Urinal      Shower      Store Area

28 x 9      1000            Yes            –            Yes           Yes              Yes             Yes          Yes           Yes                –

24 x 9      850              Yes            –            Yes          Yes              Yes              Yes          Yes           Yes                –

24 x 9     800 solar       Yes       Yes          Yes          Yes               Yes              Yes         Yes            –                    –

24 x 9     750                Yes         –             Yes          Yes               Yes              Yes         Yes            –                    –

24 x 9     700                Yes         –             Yes           Yes              Yes              Yes            –              –                    –

24 x 9     500                Yes         –                –             Yes              Yes              Yes           –               –                 Yes

24 x 9     400                Yes        –                –             Yes               Yes              Yes          –                –                     –

16 x 9     250                Yes        –                 –             Yes               Yes             Yes         –                –                     –


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Hire Pricing: Site Welfare Units

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