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Rotating Beam Self Levelling Lasers

Using laser levels is now easily the most popular way of “setting out” on site before construction begins. Our visible red beam lasers are designed to provide an accurate rotating 360 degree levelling line for all interior and exterior work. Fully automatic levelling allows single person usage. In bright outside conditions the beam is generally visible up to about 50m and for beam detection at longer ranges up to 200m + (dependent on model supplied) the addition of a target indicator clipped to the survey staff is necessary.  The battery powered target indicator produces a bleep when the laser beam is received and fine vertical adjustment of the T.I enables the beam to be accurately centred. All laser levels are supplied with mounting tripod, target Indicator, survey staff, safety glasses, charger and carry case. A wall bracket for mounting the laser at higher elevations together with a remote control unit is available on request.

– Fully self levelling to 15″ accuracy
– Scanning functions.
– Plumbing up/down in 90 degree axis
– Manual slope setting
– Rotation speed control
– Ni-Mh Rechargeable battery pack & charger
– Heavy duty carrying case,
– Waterproof laser case

Weight: 11kg

Cross Line Lasers

Cross Line Lasers are particularly versatile survey tools in terms of establishing datum levels – both vertical and horizontal for internal and external construction including joinery, tiling, patios, timber decking, garden design etc.

We offer for hire (and sale) the standard self-leveling horizontal and vertical laser in a red beam or green beam option.
These units are fast, accurate and portable and can be mounted either on the wall by means of a magnetic mount or wall mount or fitted to an elevating camera size tripod for convenient second day set up.

For external use (where visibility is a problem in bright daylight conditions) we can provide detectors which clip to the survey pole enabling the laser beam to be captured.  This facility enables the laser to be effectively used for accurate setting out in the construction of patios, decking etc.
Accessories are numerous and available as part of the laser package from your local branch – including laser glasses (to enhance the beam), ceiling targets, wall mounts, laser poles etc.

Green line laser beams are more visible to the eye and are therefore better for external working in both bright and dull conditions. In these situations only the end dot of the laser will be visible.


  • Electronic compensator ensures quicker self-levelling.
  • Working range with outdoor receiver 70- 80m radius.
  • Manual slop for Y axis: This function can replace rotation laser within 50 metres (with detector).
  • 3 levels of brightness adjustment: Users can adjust brightness according to the distance of working area for saving energy.
  • Build-in repair recording software system.
  • LED indication for tilt direction.
  • LED indicates “Levelling” and “Levelling is ready.”
  • (Using laser beam or sound alarm function is at your option).
  • Low power indication with red LED.
  • (Sound alarm function is at your option.)
  • Accuracy ±1mm / 10m.
  • Self-levelling range ±3.5°.
  • Power supply 4 x AA alkaline batteries/ Rechargeable batteries/ AC adaptor.
  • Range of operating temperature -10°C~+40°C.
  • Instrument size 152mm x 223mm.
  • Instrument weight: 1.9kg (including batteries.

Automatic Site Levels

An  Automatic Site level or ” dumpy level” is an optical instrument used to establish or check points in the same horizontal plane. It is used in surveying and building to transfer, measure, or set horizontal levels. The level instrument is set up on a tripod and, depending on the type, either roughly or accurately set to a levelled position using in built levelling screws. The operator looks through the eyepiece of the telescope while an assistant holds a graduated staff vertical at the point under measurement. The instrument and staff are used to gather and/or transfer elevations (levels) during site surveys or building construction. Measurement generally starts from a benchmark or datum point with known height determined by a previous survey, or an arbitrary point with an assumed height.

Our Automatic site levels are hired complete with  adjustable tripod, telescopic measuring staff and site level case. They are robust and are quick to set up, simple to use and very reliable. The automatic compensator and the fast optics speed up measurements on site and increase accuracy.


Standard deviation per km double-run levelling: 2.5 mm


  • Telescope image: Upright
  • Magnification: 20x
  • Clear objective aperture: 36 mm
  • Shortest focusing distance: 0.8 m
  • Multiplication factor: 100


  • Working range: ± 15‘
  • Setting accuracy: (stand dev.) 0.5’’
  • Sensitivity of circular level: 10’/2 mm
  • Horizontal circle:  (metal) 360°
  • Graduation interval of Hz circle: 1°
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Operating temperature range:  –20°C to +50°C



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Hire Pricing: Site Levels

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Cross line laser - vertical & horizontal beam£26.02£34.65£50.40£63.00£41.58
Fully automatic site level complete with tripod & staff£16.52£22.00£32.00£40.00£26.40
Rotating beam - self levelling laser - for interior & exterior use£37.17£49.50£72.00£90.00£59.40
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