SDS Plus & SDS Max – Combi / Rotary Hammers Hire

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SDS plus and SDS max rotary hammer drills are principally used for hammer drilling, gouging channels and chiselling into concrete or masonry. Four different option machines are available:

  • SDS (slotted drilling system) plus rotary hammer – drilling capacity takes from 4-26mm diameter masonry bits – weight 2 kg 110/240v
  • SDS plus rotary hammer – drilling capacity takes from 4-30mm diameter masonry bits – weight 4 kg -110/240v
  • SDS max combi hammer – drilling capacity takes from 20-35mm diameter masonry bits – weight 7.5kg -110/240v
  • SDS max combi hammer – drilling capacity takes from 30-52mm diameter masonry bits – weight 10/11kg – 110/240v

SDS Plus / SDS Max machines are available  with the following features:

  • Forward / reverse action
  • Variable speed switches
  • Rotary only, rotary hammer or hammer only action – for drilling, hammer drilling or chiselling.
  • Rota stop – instant chuck brake systems
  • SDS chuck adapters to fit SDS Max machines suitable for taking SDS masonry drill bits, SDS light duty chisels, points, bolsters and gouging chisels.
  • Quick change chuck facilities to allow fitting of 3 jaw chucks for taking high speed steel or wood auger drill bits. (SDS plus machines only)

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We stock a full range of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits for sale together with hammer steels, wood auger bits, chucks and accessories

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Hire Pricing: SDS Plus & SDS Max – Combi / Rotary Hammers

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
SDS plus rotary hammer 4-26 mm 2kg£17.50£21.00£28.00£35.00£23.31
SDS plus rotary hammer 4-30mm 4kg£19.00£22.80£30.40£38.00£25.31
SDS max combi hammer 20-35mm 7.5kg£25.00£30.00£40.00£50.00£33.30
SDS max combi hammer 30-52mm 11kg£29.50£35.40£47.20£59.00£39.29
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.