Road Safety & Traffic Management Hire

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We have a range of equipment available for hire to assist with Road Safety and Traffic management.

Flashing Warning Lamps

Flashing warning lights are an essential accessory for any safety barriers, cones, or skips. These battery operated warning lights ensure that pedestrians and vehicles are aware of the presence of  hazards at night. With intermittent flashes, flashing road lamps let pedestrians and drivers know of oncoming obstacles, thereby avoiding injury. Warning lights can also be used as  free standing lights – warning people of danger ahead.

Road Cones –   1000mm / 750mm / 450mm

The instantly recognisable design of the 1000mm 750mm & 450mm high traffic cone makes it a very effective means of warning drivers of oncoming roadworks, as well as assisting in traffic redirection and in cordoning areas from public access. These durable versatile cones are essential pieces of safety equipment when carrying out construction and maintenance work in public areas.

Roadworks Signage

We keep a range of signs that convey road works in progress to both pedestrians and road users. Please enquire for hire availability on the following signs:

  • Roadworks in progress  (men at work)
  • Road Closed
  • No Entry

Remote Control Two Way Stop / Go Sign System

Our simple to use remote control stop/go sign equipment is the perfect solution for controlling traffic flow around work areas. The remote control package enables one person operation – as opposed to the conventional two man manually operated system currently used on many minor road work projects. The large bright designs ensure that drivers will not miss the instruction, whilst the automatic remote control operation ensures complete coordination of sign changing at each end of the traffic separation scheme. A  complete set comprises of two signs and one remote control unit.

Radio Controlled
Eliminating the need for cables links. The hand held radio control unit has a single press mechanism that activates one or the other of the Stop-Go signs (from stop to go and vice versa).

Easy to Transport
Each base unit weighs approximately 30 kilos and the Stop-Go boards are detachable for easy handling and storage.  The whole system is compact enough to be carried in a small commercial vehicle.

Quick Set Up
Installed and ready to operate in minutes.

Safe Operation
The rapid remote control feature allows the operator to work from a safe vantage point out of the direct line of traffic.  The system also provides the capability to display a continuous Stop signal at both ends of the work zone to allow for works vehicle movements or in case of any emergencies within the work zone.

Battery Powered

Each sign base unit has an in-built rechargeable battery supply and up to 400 hours continuous operation when fully charged. The remote control unit’s battery pack provides up to 100 hours continuous operation.


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Hire Pricing: Road Safety & Traffic Management

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Road cones 450mm---£2.50-
Road cones 750mm---£3.50-
Road cones 1000mm---£4.50-
Road signs - each-£6.60£9.60£12.00£7.92
Remote control two way Stop/Go Sign SystemPOA
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.