Post Hole Borers & Post Drivers Hire

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We stock a variety of tools both manual and petrol driven that make post hole boring and post driving much quicker and easier.

Shuv holer- a long handled tool for clearing soil, stones and gravel out of post holes. Effectively reduces the time it takes to manually clear a post hole by 50% compared to using a regular spade.

Manual post hole borer- a screw-type auger with a choice of either 4″, 6″ or 9″ diameter blade models. 4″ diameter for 3″ square wooden posts, 6″ diameter for 4″ square wooden posts and 9″ diameter for concrete posts.

Two / Four handled  manual  post driver-  for driving posts up to 125mm round or 90mm square directly into soft ground or pre prepared post holes without extensively damaging the posts. Weight: 15 kgs

Hydraulic post hole borer-  one man operation on holes up to 230mm wide and 875mm deep is perfectly possible using our hydraulically operated petrol powered counterbalance arm post borer. Large wheels for easy on site access and reliable recoil start petrol 4 stroke engine for quiet economical running.

  • Dimensions:  2410 x 760 x 1640mm
  • Weight: 102 kg

Two-man petrol post hole borer-  a  powerful partner for hard landscaping, farm work and construction projects,our two man petrol earth augers are particularly hard-working machines for  drilling holes in hard soils and for use where tractor-mounted machines for example, cannot access. Driven by robust  high torque two stroke engines their relatively slow 50 rpm spindle speed power the augers steadily and comfortably into even tough soil.

  • Operation is straightforward enabling absolute control of the auger’s level and depth.   Each operator holds a large handlebar; one person controls the throttle to drive the engine speed and the other controls a stop-switch that is in easy fingertip reach.   A second stop switch is located in reach of the ‘throttle’ operator on the powerhead itself, so the engine can be shut down by either person, making it safer to use.
  • A wide range of auger attachments is available for the machine – with diameters from 90mm to 350mm and auger lengths of 700mm. This makes the auger perfect for drilling planting, fencing or post holes, and a choice of two shaft extensions 500mm and 1m long, enable even deeper drilling to be achieved. Portable, relatively lightweight and certainly easy to use, for compact storage and transport the frame of the auger folds neatly under the machine.  Auger attachments connect easily and securely without the need for tools and in addition to a start position lock, a reverse rotation lock enables the auger to be manually ‘unwound’ from the earth should that be required.
  • Weight: 29kg

One-man petrol post hole borer- Our comfortable one-man earth augers with vibration-reducing handles include an innovative QuickStop drill brake, which brings the auger to a halt as soon as the drill jams in the ground. Particularly suitable for a large variety of purposes, from drilling simple holes in the ground to taking soil samples. Extensive choice in drilling tools for holes up to 200 mm in diameter.

  • Auger sizes available: 40mm, 60mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm & 200mm.
  • Extension shaft: 450mm available
  • Weight: 9.4 kg

 Please note there is a small  wear charge applicable on all augers used.


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Hire Pricing: Post Hole Borers & Post Drivers

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Shuv holer post hole digging shovel£10.00£12.10£17.60£22.00£14.52
Manual post hole borer 6"£10.00£10.00£13.60£17.00£11.22
Manual post hole borer 9"£10.00£10.18£14.80£18.50£12.21
Two/four handled post driver£10.00£12.10£17.60£22.00£14.52
Hydraulic post hole borer£77.64£103.40£150.40£188.00£124.08
Petrol two man post hole borer£49.50£66.00£93.00£120.00£79.50
Petrol one-man post hole borer£39.24£52.25£76.00£95.00£62.70
Auger extension 19" plus key£4.54£6.05£8.80£11.00£7.26
Auger extension 39" plus key£7.02£9.35£13.60£17.00£11.22
Earth auger wear charge 3"£2.27£3.03£4.40£5.50£3.63
Earth auger wear charge 4"£2.27£3.03£4.40£5.50£3.63
Earth auger wear charge 6"£2.68£3.58£5.20£6.50£4.29
Earth auger wear charge 9"£3.10£4.13£6.00£7.50£4.95
Earth auger wear charge 10"£3.51£4.68£6.80£8.50£5.61
Earth auger wear charge 13"£4.34£5.78£8.40£10.50£6.93
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.