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Hiring an electric pipe freezer kit from us will put an end to the tedious and  time consuming drain down. With this compact, robust, portable electric pipe freezing machine you can isolate a faulty fitting, remove it, service or replace it and be on to your next job within half an hour. All without draining down or even locating the shut-off valve. The pipe freezer is so easy to use. Just connect the purposed designed freeze heads to the pipework, upstream and downstream of the area you want to work on. In a little under five minutes two solid ice plugs will form within the isolated area  allowing you to carry out your repair quickly and efficiently. Freezing  has no adverse effect on the pipes. At the end of the work, simply remove the freeze clamps from the pipes and job done!

Powerful enough to freeze systems with Inhibitor and anti-freeze.

Suitable for domestic and light industrial use, the 420D model has freeze heads to fit pipes from 8mm to 42mm & self-regulates to control and maintain the freeze temperatures.
Our units have a  microprocessor controlled refrigerant delivery system which ensures precise control of the freeze head temperatures. This technology is proven to deliver reliable performance even if pipes of different size and temperature need freezing at the same time.

All  our hire pipe freezers use ozone-friendly refrigerants that are not wasted into the room – excellent when you’re working in a confined space and/or using an open flame. The 420D is calibrated to allow colder mean temperatures, with greater sensitivity to unwanted heat pick up like the heat from a blow torch. The result is a stronger, longer freeze block. Useable with the lid open or closed, there is easy access to reducer heads etc. The freeze heads retain the original patented features but are designed to fit straight onto 42mm pipes with reducers for smaller pipes. The reducers can be held into the profile and clamped to the pipe or alternatively can be screwed into the freeze head to avoid any slipping thereby creating the perfect thermal path. Spare screws are supplied in the panel.

Machines can be supplied in either 240v or 110v voltage and are supplied with bungee clamps, freeze cream, gloves and fittings – enabling  freezing of pipes from 8mm to 42mm.

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