Lead Burning Oxy-Acetylene Welding Kits Hire

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Our lead burning Oxy – Acetylene Welding kit includes tip numbers 1,2,3,4,5 & 7. Useful for very fine welding and brazing applications, including the fusion welding of thin gauge sheet metal up to 1.5mm (1/16″) and delicate lead welding. The torch is very easy to handle and generates a small, focused flame ideal for precise heat-sensitive situations where it is important the heat-affected zone is kept to a minimum.

This type of torch has gained popularity and won widespread acceptance over many years of service, due to its supreme balance and ease of use. It is very manoeuvrable and generates a small, directed flame making it ideal for use in precise, heat-sensitive applications – such as the electronics industry.

Kit specification:

Kit includes:

  • 1S 2G Acetylene Regulator
  • 1S 2G Oxygen Regulator
  • In-Line Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
  • In-Line Acetylene Flashback Arrestor
  • 8mm x  5m Blue Oxygen Hose
  • 8mm x 5m Red Acetylene Hose
  • Type 3/5 Shank
  • Type 3/5 Mixer
  • Type 3/5 Cutting Attachment
  • Swaged Welding Tips – No’s  1,2,3,4,5 & 7
  • Cup Type Sparklighter
  • Weight:30 kg



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