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For checking the level of dampness in timber, brick and other building materials we offer for either hire or sale – professional quality Moisture Meters. These units operate by determining the electrical resistance between the probes when inserted into the material being checked.

Our meters feature a digital LCD display supported by a colour display (a collection of 60 LEDs) – signifying moisture readings of the material under investigation. Depending upon the dampness found, one of the LEDs will light up to allow the user to read the moisture reading. The scale runs from 6% to 90% WMC (wood moisture content).
The LEDs are subdivided into three colour zones, green, yellow and red, indicating the severity of the moisture reading. In most cases it is quicker and easier to determine the reading using the colour.
In the green zone, moisture levels are in a safe air-dry condition.
• In the yellow zone, moisture levels are higher than normal but not critical and further investigation is recommended.
• In the red zone, moisture levels are excessive and too high. If sustained, high moisture levels will lead to decay.

Both the LCD display and coloured LEDs provide accurate readings for both modes of measuring. The LCD display will provide a digital reading of the moisture content to one decimal place whilst the LEDs provide a guide to the severity of the moisture reading.

Two Pin Mode Readings:
When reading the damp measurement using the two pin mode (measure), the scale runs from 7% to 99% WMC (wood moisture content). The %WMC has become an industrial recognised reading for moisture whether it’s wood, brick or concrete.

Search Mode Readings:
When reading the damp measurement using the search mode, the scale runs from 0 to 999 WME. The higher the moisture content, the higher the reading. Any reading which displays an LED in the red zone, is too damp. The WME value is the theoretical moisture level that would be attained by wood that is in moisture equilibrium with the material being tested.

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