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We offer three different mast heights of mobile lighting tower  all models designed to provide temporary floodlighting where mains power is unavailable. These petrol and diesel powered super silent units are fitted with long range fuel tanks for continuous running and illuminate via 4 x halogen or  4 x metal halide lamp units.

5m Mast Height Lighting Tower


  • Area coverage at average min lux of 20 –  272m2
  • Bunded fuel tank capacity: 30 litres
  • Decibels dB(A): 73
  • Lamp type watts : 4 x 300/500w halogen
  • Power output: 5kva
  • Engine: 5.00kva petrol
  • Running time without refueling: 23hrs
  • Weight: 226kg

7m Mast Height Lighting Tower


  • Area coverage at average min lux of 20 –  720m2
  • Bunded fuel tank  capacity: 33 litres
  • Decibels dB(A):  67
  • Lamp type watts: 4 x 400w metal halide
  • Power output: 4kva
  • Engine: 4.00kva petrol
  • Running time without refueling:  26hrs
  • Weight: 390 kg

9m Mast Height Lighting Tower


  • Area coverage at  average min lux of 20 –  4500m2
  • Bunded fuel tank capacity: 116 litres
  • Decibels dB(A): 65
  • Lamp type watts:  4 x 1000w metal halide
  • Fuel tank capacity: 116 litres
  • Running time without refueling: 60hrs
  • Output capacity: 10kva
  • Weight: 1100kgs –  road tow specification



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Hire Pricing: Mobile Lighting Towers

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7m Lighting TowerPOAPOAPOAPOA
9m Lighting TowerPOAPOAPOAPOA
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