Hydraulic Earth Auger for Mini Excavators Hire

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For drilling multiple holes for fencing posts, soil investigation etc, the hydraulic earth auger makes the process much quicker and far less tiring than drilling using a conventional petrol powered unit. The hydraulic auger is simply connected to the bucket hitch on either our 1.7 tonne or 3.0 tonne mini excavators and the auxiliary flow hydraulic system on the excavator drives the auger. We offer a range of different diameter auger flights – tungsten tipped for greater ground penetration.

We can also supply Auger flight extensions up to 1.2m in length to increase the drill depth.


Stock sizes are:

  • 150mm diameter x 780mm auger length

  • 225mm diameter x 750mm auger length

  • 300mm diameter x 700mm auger length

Please enquire at your local branch for more information or to arrange the hire of this equipment.

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Hire Pricing: Hydraulic Earth Auger for Mini Excavators

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Hydraulic Earth Auger£66.00£96.00£120.00£79.20
150mm Auger Flight£6.50£6.50£6.50£6.50
225mm Auger Flight£8.50£8.50£8.50£8.50
300mm Auger Flight£10.50£10.50£10.50£10.50
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