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POWERPREP Surface Scabblers are powerful electric hand operated machines for surface coating removal prior to refinishing work. Available with either high speed steel star wheels or tungsten carbide tipped star wheels, surface scabblers are faster in operation than needle guns and are dust free unlike shotblasting.  A new set of wheels are supplied and fitted for each hire and charged at hire termination. For more details on operation please enquire at your local branch. Some of the more popular uses are listed below:

  •  Scabbling concrete & stone
  •  Keying back plaster & render
  •  Removing carpet adhesive, bitumens & waterproofers
  •  Descaling marine structures
  •  Removing rust
  •  Faster than needle guns
  •  Dust free operation
  • 240/110v machines available


  • Variable speed 1300-4000rpm
  • Weight 5.9kg
  • Cutters: Various for different surface finishes
  • Prephead: 150mm diameter
  • Prep rate: up to 30m/hr
  • Vibration level: 7.9m/s
  • Noise level: 79dBA
  • Voltage: 110v or 230v


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Power Rota Scabbler - comes with star flail set£21.06£28.05£40.80£51.00£33.66
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