Glass Reinforced Plastic – non conductive Towers Hire

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  • Non-conductive, non-corroding and non-oxidising.
  • Particularly suited to environments where electrical hazards exist
  • Highly visible yellow colour is an added safety feature
  • Suitable for petrochemical areas
  • Suitable for foodstuff and hygiene areas
  • LUL and Rail approved
  • Easier handling in cold conditions due to it being non-metallic

Four base sizes available as detailed below.  Heights are based on handrail heights.

  • A Narrow –    0.85m x 1.8m
  • B Narrow –    0.85m x 2.5m
  • C Standard – 1.45m x 1.8m
  • D Standard – 1.45m x 2.5m


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Hire Pricing: Glass Reinforced Plastic – non conductive Towers

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
3.3m1 day minimum£58.50£85.60£107.00£70.62
3.8m1 day minimum£68.20£99.20£124.00£81.84
4.3m1 day minimum£77.00£112.00£140.00£92.40
4.8m1 day minimum£85.80£124.80£156.00£102.96
5.3m1 day minimum£95.15£138.40£173.00£114.18
5.8m1 day minimum£103.95£151.20£189.00£124.74
6.3m1 day minimum£112.75£164.00£205.00£135.30
6.8m1 day minimum£122.10£177.60£222.00£146.52
7.3m1 day minimum£130.90£190.40£238.00£157.08
7.8m1 day minimum£139.70£203.20£254.00£167.64
8.3m1 day minimum£149.05£216.80£271.00£178.86
8.8m1 day minimum£157.85£229.60£287.00£189.42
9.3m1 day minimum£166.65£242.40£303.00£199.98
9.8m1 day minimum£175.45£255.20£319.00£210.54
10.3m1 day minimum£184.80£268.80£336.00£221.76
10.8m1 day minimum£193.60£281.60£352.00£232.32
11.3m1 day minimum£202.40£294.40£368.00£242.88
11.8m1 day minimum£211.75£308.00£385.00£254.10
12.3m1 day minimum£220.00£320.00£400.00£264.00
12.8m1 day minimum£229.35£333.60£417.00£275.22
13.3m1 day minimum£238.70£347.20£434.00£286.44
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.