General Gas Heaters Hire

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Apart from indirect and direct propane fired gas space heaters we also offer alternative gas heaters for different applications:

  • Cabinet heaters
  • Dustbin gas heaters
  • Patio heaters

Cabinet Heaters

A mobile self-contained radiant convector heater running off a 13/15 kg butane gas cylinder enclosed in the rear of the  heater. Unlike most gas heaters, this has no visible flame (apart from the pilot light) and is therefore ideal for schools, hospitals, offices and shops etc. Three heat settings, push button ignition and mounted on castors for easy mobility.

  • Heat Output 6000 – 10000 BTU
  • Gas Consumption: 0.12-0.22kg/hr
  • Weight: 14kg

Dustbin Gas Heaters

Industrial gas spaceheaters ideal for heating warehouses, small factories, outhouses, buildings under construction etc. No electrical supply is required, the heaters just run off a single 47 kg size propane cylinder. Double skinned tops help to reduce the temperature of the top plate during operation. Our dustbin heaters have automatic piezo ignition and flame failure security devices as standard.  Superb swirl burners give compact high convectional heat output varying from 15 to 25kW.  A 1 bar maximum outlet pressure regulator such as the tinyreg no 1051/01 is supplied for use with the heaters. 

  • Length: 430mm
  • Height:  600mm
  • Width:   430mm
  • Output:  84,000 BTU
  • Weight : 13kg

Patio Heaters

Our Patio / Warehouse Heaters are high quality stylish heaters ideal for parties, outdoor events and  large enclosed areas such as warehouses. Each heater is capable of heating an area up to 25 square metres producing approximately 6 – 13Kw of heat output running off a 13/15 kg butane cylinder.

  • Reflector diameter: 960mm
  • Height: 2.3m
  • Weight: 28kg


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Hire Pricing: General Gas Heaters

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Cabinet heater£12.18£16.23£23.60£29.50£19.47
Dustbin heater£16.52£22.00£32.00£40.00£26.40
Patio heater£20.65£27.50£40.00£50.00£33.00
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