Electric Plaster Stirrer Hire

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Synchronised 2-speed gearing for stirring paint, varnish, glue, mortar and lots more. Optimum adaptation of the speed to the material that is to be stirred. High reserves of power with 1150 watts power input. 5/8″ universal toolholder enables use of commercially available stirrer baskets up to 200 mm diameter. Electronic control means especially gentle plunging into the material to be stirred – no more splashes.

  • Stirrer basket:  445 mm x 140mm diameter
  • Adapter: 215 mm
  • Auxiliary handle included
  • 240/110 volt operation
  • Dimensions: (L/W/H) 472 x 312 x 145 mm
  • Rated power input: 1150 W
  • Power output: 670 W
  • Weight: without cable 4.2 kg
  • Rated speed: 280 / 640 rpm
  • Rated torque: 17.6 / 8.4 Nm
  • Max torque: 105.0 / 50.0 Nm
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Hire Pricing: Electric Plaster Stirrer

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Plaster stirrer & paddle£20.65£27.50£40.00£50.00£33.00
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