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Measuring Wheel

Our precision made measuring wheels are  suitable for a wide range of applications in the construction and surveying industries.

The fully moulded ergonomic handle gives easy grip ensuring perfect handling when measuring on uneven surfaces. A textured surface means handling the wheel is easy even in wet conditions. A crystal clear counter mounted over the centre of the wheel ensures perfect balance and easy reading. The counter measures up to 9,999.9m with 99.5% accuracy. A built in fold away stand leaves hands free for recording measurements.  A robust snap fitting locking mechanism in the centre of the support handle makes folding the unit for easy storage and carrying simple and secure.

Laser Rangefinders

Our hand held Laser Range finders enable point-precise measuring, using laser light to determine lengths exactly.


  • Simple height measurement with dual pythagoras measurement function to automatically detect heights.
  • The area and volume functions permit the acquisition of room sizes, for example to calculate material quantities.
  • Simple assessment of room perimeter with the addition and subtraction functions.
  • The wall surface function automatically adds up surfaces by measuring the lengths of walls as well as their height once.
  • Includes versatile calculation and memory functions.
  • Measuring accuracy up to 25/50 m: + 3 mm. – DEPENDENT ON MODEL
  • Inside measurement range: 0.2 m to 25m.
  • 3 selectable measurement reference points: front, rear and pin.
  • Min/Max function to determine diagonals, verticals and horizontals.
  • Reference mode for easy transfer of lengths.
  • Illuminated 3-line LCD.
  • With fold-out pin for measuring from inside corners.



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Hire Pricing: Distance Measuring

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Measuring Wheel - Truemeter£11.56£15.40£22.40£28.00£18.48
Laser Rangefinder 0.05m - 50m distance£10.33£13.75£20.00£25.00£16.50
Laser Rangefinder 0.3m - 150m distance£16.52£22.00£32.00£40.00£26.40
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.