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These tough site tow diesel fuel bowsers combine a U.N. approved bunded tank with a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis and heavy duty running gear to provide on-site mobility with a large fuel storage capacity. Site specific features include a hand brake, ring hitch and flotation tyres. Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from steel throughout, with a 110% bund capacity. The tank features a baffled design for added stability, and also includes a pressure relief valve, automatic one-way breather and  tank contents gauge. Fuel delivery equipment and inlets/outlets to the inner tank are all housed securely. A high-flow hand pump (flow rate 80 litres/min) is fitted as standard.  We offer two  popular sizes:

1000 litre / 220 gallon capacity Bunded diesel fuel bowsers:

  • Length: 3063 mm
  • Width: 1780 mm
  • Height: 1660 mm
  • Empty weight: 765 kg
  • Full weight: 1635 kg

2000 litre / 440 gallon capacity Bunded diesel fuel bowsers

  • Length: 3595 mm
  • Width: 1870 mm
  • Height: 1857 mm
  • Empty weight: 1016 kg
  • Full weight: 2756 kg

Frequently asked questions on our range of Site diesel bowsers


  • A 1   What types of fuel are these products suitable for storing?
    Our range of diesel / gas oil storage equipment is intended for use with diesel, gas oil and kerosene. It is not suitable for storing other fuels such as petrol, avgas or jet a-1 fuel.
  • A 2  Does the range of diesel / gas oil equipment comply with current environmental regulations?
    Yes. Our equipment is compliant with the PPG2 (Pollution Prevention) guidelines. The tanks are all fully bunded to ensure minimum risk of leaks and spills.
  • A 3  How are Fuel Proof diesel/gas oil storage tanks and bowsers filled with fuel?
    This depends on the amount of fuel being transported. To transport a road legal container with a capacity under 1000 litres, a general understanding of the ADR ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods’ regulations is required. The driver should be aware of equipment and vehicle marking requirements and also be aware of emergency procedures to follow in the event of an accident.
    When transporting a container with a capacity over the 1000 litre threshold, the driver must hold an ADR driver training certificate, which can be obtained by taking the ADR driver training course.
  • A 4  How is fuel dispensed from the tank?
    After removing the hose and trigger from the bunded area and checking the hose for kinks, the trigger is inserted into the fuel tank of the vehicle being refuelled, and the 1″ ball valve is opened. The trigger is then opened and refuelling can commence by operating the pump. When refuelling has been completed, the trigger is closed and is returned to the bunded area along with the hose. Finally the 1″ ball valve is closed.
  • A 5  Can the site bowsers be lifted full of fuel?
    Yes. Our site tow bowsers can be lifted and moved using the four lifting eyes on the sides of the tank.
  • A 6  Is any maintenance required on the site bowsers?
    Yes. Periodically the fuel filter element on the fuel filter should be removed and exchanged with a new one. Fuel delivery hose and fittings should be checked weekly for leaks, and the bund area should be kept clean at all times.


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Diesel bunded bowser 250 gallon / 1000 litre-POAPOAPOAPOA
Diesel bunded bowser 440 gallon / 2000 litre-POAPOAPOAPOA
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