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For drying out of rooms and buildings after pipe bursts, floods, leaks, plastering work or periods of condensation. The size of dehumidifier required will depend on the size of the area, level of dampness, speed with which drying is required and outside ambient air temperature. Please call us for advice if you are not sure which one would be best suited to your job.

Medium duty model: used for room drying up to approximately 100m3 by volume and for smaller jobs and where a quiet running unit is required.

  • Fitted with 4 castors and carrying handle
  • Single speed fan.
  • Continuous drainage facility.
  • 110V/230V dual voltage with an internal voltage selection switch.
  • Hot gas defrost for low temperature operation.
  • Height 508, width 305, depth 305 (mm).
  • Power 350 watts maximum.
  • Running costs approximately 2.5p per hr.
  • Extraction rate approximately 10lts per 24hrs at 20 degrees centigrade  & 75% relative humidity
  • Weight 27kg.

Heavy duty model:  Used for drying rooms or buildings up to a nominal 300m3 by volume.

  • Large diameter rubber wheels.
  • Single speed high performance fan.
  • Continuous drainage facility.
  • 110V / 230V dual voltage operation with an external voltage selection switch.
  • Internal voltage protection.
  • High capacity reverse cycle defrost for low temperature operation.
  • Height 915, width 610, depth 692 (mm).
  • Power 1.5kW maximum.
  • Running costs approximately 8p per hr.
  • Extraction rate approximately 25 lts per 24hrs at 20 degrees centigrade & 75% relative humidity
  • Weight 80kg.




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Hire Pricing: Dehumidifiers / Building Dryers

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Medium duty dehumidifier£33.04£44.00£64.00£80.00£52.80
Heavy duty dehumidifier£40.89£54.45£79.20£99.00£65.34
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