Beam Lifter Hire

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The Beam lifter (600KG) is a simple, robust and compact detachable elevator on wheels for lifting and maneuvering heavy loads such as steel beams. No cables or guides are involved, the mechanism being just a simple screw thread similar to that used with acrow props. The lifting beam is wound up or down to the required height using the handle supplied.


  • Lifting capacity 600 kg.
  • Maximum lifting height 3 m.
  • High precision by using screw thread adjustment.
  • Fully detachable and easy to build up.
  • Use two elevators for fitting beams.
  • Rotational platform
  • Crane hook to lift loads from the ground.
  • Folded stacked height for transport 373 mm
  • Width 720mm
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Beam Lifter 600 kg capacityMinimum 1 day£100.00£112.50£125.00£112.50
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