Aluminium Towers 1.38m x 2.4m Base Hire

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Our Alto M.D  aluminium towers have a platform size of 1.38m x 2.4m and platform heights from 2.2m to 12.2m. Not available for less than 1 day’s hire.

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Hire Pricing: Aluminium Towers 1.38m x 2.4m Base

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Height 2.2m1 day minimum£72.00£81.00£90.00£81.00
Height 2.7m1 day minimum£76.80£86.40£96.00£86.40
Height 3.2m1 day minimum£81.60£91.80£102.00£91.80
Height 3.7m1 day minimum£86.40£97.20£108.00£97.20
Height 4.2m1 day minimum£91.20£102.60£114.00£102.60
Height 4.7m1 day minimum£96.00£108.00£120.00£108.00
Height 5.2m1 day minimum£100.80£113.40£126.00£113.40
Height 5.7m1 day minimum£107.20£120.60£134.00£120.60
Height 6.2m1 day minimum£115.20£129.60£144.00£129.60
Height 6.7m1 day minimum£123.20£138.60£154.00£138.60
Height 7.2m1 day minimum£131.20£147.60£164.00£147.60
Height 7.7m1 day minimum£138.40£155.70£173.00£155.70
Height 8.2m1 day minimum£146.40£164.70£183.00£164.70
Height 8.7m1 day minimum£154.40£173.70£193.00£173.70
Height 9.2m1 day minimum£162.40£182.70£203.00£182.70
Height 9.7m1 day minimum£170.40£191.70£213.00£191.70
Height 10.2m1 day minimum£178.40£200.70£223.00£200.70
Height 10.7m1 day minimum£186.40£209.70£233.00£209.70
Height 11.2m1 day minimum£193.60£217.80£242.00£217.80
Height 11.7m1 day minimum£201.60£226.80£252.00£226.80
Height 12.2m1 day minimum£209.60£235.80£262.00£235.80
Tower base plates - each1 day minimum£3.50£3.50£3.50£3.50
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.