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Impact moling is a method for underground pipe installation and boring which has been established in civil engineering  for the last three decades.  A mole or soil displacement hammer, driven by pneumatics, creates a cavity underground, ready for pulling in flexible pipework and any type of cable installation  in bore lengths up to 40 m (depending on the soil quality).  This method allows trenchless pipe laying or cable installation underneath roads and existing untility’s equipment.

For successful impact moling the ground to be bored must be sufficiently displaceable. A pit is required to be excavated in order to start the mole at the required depth. As a rule, the mole is lying on top of an adjustable bore rig and with the aid of telescopic sights, aim is taken and the height and sides of the machine are adjusted. The propulsion of the soil displacement hammer / impact mole is performed by a piston driven with compressed air. External friction is required for the propulsion. If this is missing, in loose, soft soils, for example, external static support for the impact mole can be added.  Two different impact moling methods are possible:

1. Either the piston applies impact to the casing and drives the complete displacement hammer and the attached pipe string forward with one blow (rigid system).

2. The piston first strikes the mobile multi-cutter cone and then the casing, which means that the soil displacements hammer moves forward in two steps.

The mole can achieve a speed of up to 15 m/h, depending on the soil characteristics. The soil cover should be at least ten times as thick as the diameter of the casing to avoid arching of the surface.

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