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The air soil pick provides a fast and efficient way of de-compacting and displacing soil, making excavations down to pipes, and preparing ground for concrete much quicker and easier. The equipment works by shooting a high velocity air stream out of the nozzle, instantly pulverising and displacing hard and  compacted soil. Perfect for use on excavations and to access pipe work, the air soil pick is a ‘selective excavator’ as it fractures and displaces porous and semi-porous soils, yet leaves non-porous objects unaffected. Excavating without risk of damaging buried utilities is therefore a much more efficient method of breaking up and moving soil than the traditional manual methods. Our air soil picks require little effort from the operator and being no bigger than a spade or pitch fork can be easily transported. The soil pick is also a non-sparking, non-conductive piece of equipment, so is ideal for those working in close proximity to live power lines and pipes. This equipment is vibration free in use so can be used for extended periods.

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