Air Circulation & Fume Extraction Equipment Hire

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We have the following equipment all available for hire:

Fume extraction fan – 300mm (12″),diameter. 110/240v.  Comes with 1 x 6m length of ducting.  Useful for providing fume extraction in enclosed spaces e.g during welding work, dust removal during cutting operations etc.

  • Extra 300mm diameter x 5m PVC ducting is available to hire for this equipment

Floor and carpet dryer – 240v. This powerful heavy duty dryer quickly speeds up drying of hard floors and also carpets by directing the air flow over the floor or alternatively by inserting the nozzle under a corner of the carpet and directing the airstream below the area to be dried.


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Hire Pricing: Air Circulation & Fume Extraction Equipment

Item4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeeklyWeekend
Fume Extraction fan£43.36£57.75£84.00£105.00£69.30
Extra 300mm ducting£10.00£10.00£13.60£17.00£11.22
Floor & carpet dryer£20.65£27.50£40.00£50.00£33.00
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Note: All prices are subject to change and are listed excluding VAT.