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Our two most poular ladder accessories are  the The STOPPER and the STAND OFF ladder stay.

The Stopper gives your ladder extra grip – even on wet grass!

Simple yet very safe and effective! Just place under your ladder and massively reduce the chance of it slipping. Thoroughly, scientifically tested to work on ANY firm, level surface where slip may occur. Provides double the anti-slip protection required by the Health & Safety Executive and accepted by them as a safe alternative to a second person “footing” the ladder! The Stopper is a high quality aluminium “T” piece bonded to an 11mm vulcanised rubber base with a 2mm tread top & bottom.  The same rubber as fork-lift truck tyres!  Choice of 2 sizes to suit all ladders –TRADE STOPPER – suitable for ladders up to 16″/410mm wide (actual size 18″ wide x 8½” deep x 3½” high) •Note: Trade Stopper is NOT wide enough for Trade Duty Triple ladders (3-section). INDUSTRIAL STOPPER – suitable for ladders up to 22″/560mm wide (actual size 24″ wide x 8½” deep x 3½” high) •

Standoff ladder stay

Keeps top of ladder 300mm / 12″ off the wall and away from fragile plastic gutters. Also useful when working under eaves. Overall width 640mm / 25″ with rubber pads on face of stay prevent damage to building.  Attachment is rapid and secure with a large spring hook. No tools required.


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Hire Pricing: Ladder Accessories

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Ladder Stopper safety foot£6.00£6.00£6.00£6.00£6.00
Standoff ladder stay£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
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