Invoicing Guide

How we calculate your hire rates

Our standard charge calculation works around a 24-hour clock. We have five set charging rates as follows:

Half Day Rate

Equipment hired and returned within a 4 hour period = 75% of the one day rate.

One Day Rate

Equipment hired and returned within a 24 hour period = 55% of the seven day rate.

Two Day Rate

Equipment hired and returned after 24 hours and before 48 hours = 80% of the seven day rate.

Seven Day Rate

Equipment hired and returned after 48 hours and before 168 hours = 100%

Weekend Rate

We have a discounted rate for equipment collected Friday 3.00pm – 5.00pm or Saturday 8.30 -12.30pm and returned Monday before 10.00am = 66% of the seven day rate. Please ask for details.

After the first 7 day period, additional days are charged at 1/7 of the weekly rate until completion of the second week which will then equate to 2 weeks hire and so on.

Continuation Invoicing

All credit hire contracts will be invoiced at month end. Continuation hires will have on the invoice, the words “Hire Continues” printed alongside the hire item, as opposed to completed invoices which are designated as “Hire Complete”.  Invoices can be either posted or emailed according to customers preference.

All cash hire contracts will be invoiced monthly until return. Payment for continuation hire will be taken on the submitted debit or credit card and will be processed via the credit card terminal at the branch originating the hire.

Continuation invoices are posted (or can be emailed) directly to the invoice address, and in the case of cash hire contracts the appropriate debit/credit card receipt will be attached to the invoice for your reference.

Return Invoicing (after continuation invoicing)

On termination of contracts, the charge calculation will look at the previously billed charges and will calculate the balance or credit due taking into account any agreed hire period adjustment or sale item return to be credited.

The seven-day rolling week calculation continues throughout the life of the hire and adjusts the days charged accordingly.

If you have any questions concerning charging calculations please call us on 01784 433984 or email